Homes With Optional Basements/Cellars at Silver Mountain Ranches

Rare in Arizona, selecting the 20’x60’ basement/cellar option provides many potential uses, such as a cellar for food and water storage, a wine cellar, a man cave, a media room, a recreation room for your kids or grandkids, or even a mother-in-law suite.

If you choose to utilize the basement/cellar to build a short-term emergency supply of food and water, here is some additional information we found.


How much food should you store per person for one year? reports you’ll have plenty of food for each person for one year if you store 390 lbs of grains, 70 lbs of beans, 25 lbs of dried meat, 90 lbs of dried dairy, 25 lbs of fats, and oils, 60 lbs of sugars, 90 lbs of dried fruits, and a reasonable assortment of other non-perishable goods.  When making your one-year food storage plan, you should set aside at least 15 cubic feet of space per person. 

You’ll have enough space for a large family’s food supply in our cellars. With space-saving devices like a canned food organizer and dry food buckets, you should also have plenty of space for emergency water storage. Each member of the family should have their own 400-gallon water storage container. Each of those tanks will only take up about 4 feet of space. 

Of course, you may never need stored water at Silver Mountain Ranch since our sustainable homes also come with the ability to use filtered well water and potentially harvested rainwater.

Other Great Uses for Cellars

If you plan to support your sustainable lifestyle with a garden or livestock and only need a portion of your pantry for each year’s canning and preservation efforts, then you can certainly use the cellar option for other purposes.

Protect another family member by transforming it into a beautiful mother-in-law suite. Turn it into a dedicated wine cellar where you can store top-notch vintages until you’re ready to enjoy them. Enjoy your home even more by turning it into a media room, man cave, or recreation room for kids or grandkids. Or, just use it for bonus storage. The possibilities are truly endless. 

Cellars for Provident Living

When you choose the cellar option for storing food and water in your off-grid home, you give yourself and your family your absolute best chance of survival in a major catastrophic crisis. 

It’s a home-building choice that you can make to supercharge your self-reliance, ensuring you have a cool, dry, safe place for preserved food. You also give yourself the tools to remain independent in the face of any personal challenge.

Even if you opt for a man cave today, the cellar can always be converted into a life-saving food storage center tomorrow.


Join Our Safe, Food-storage Friendly Community near Mayer, AZ, at the base of the Bradshaw Mountains

You’ll love all the benefits our sustainable living homes have to offer. We help our residents stay prepared for global turmoil or failure of the power grid while keeping them comfortable in beautiful homes built to take advantage of some of the world’s most incredible surroundings.

Silver Mountain Ranches is a unique community where you’ll find other self-reliant, industrious individuals who believe in staying prepared. The bonds you build with other community members will serve you well. 

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