Off-Grid Living at Silver Mountain Ranches

Off-grid living is a lifestyle choice we enthusiastically support at Silver Mountain Ranches. By removing yourself from the public infrastructure for electricity, you eliminate this system dependency and the consequences for failures or takeovers.

Instead of electricity, you can produce energy from clean, renewable solar power along with minimal use of propane. If it is a cloudy day or you have depleted solar batteries, run your backup propane generator for an hour or so to charge up your solar again.

It’s a more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way to live. But it doesn’t mean you have to give up modern conveniences that make your life easier, safer, and more comfortable.

A portion of our parcels has unrestricted access to public electricity. Because, for some, living off the grid involves a move away from urban areas to more rural or natural settings. And we are proud to be a horse property community.

For others, off-grid living means taking control of their power supply by opting for solar and choosing to use a more natural water supply.

Sustainable Living as a Companion to Off the Grid

As an off-gridder, you can adopt sustainable living habits to reduce your reliance on society for things you can produce yourself.

Filtered Well Water and Rain Harvesting

We tend to take our access to clean water for granted. But municipal water treatment and infrastructures can be compromised. You’ve no doubt heard about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

At Silver Mountain Ranches, property owners have access to filtered well water. Well-sharing agreements will be in place between the land parcels, depending on how many gallons per minute the well can feed.

Rainwater harvesting is optional, but it can save thousands of gallons of rainwater for land irrigation and other uses. Once a catch system is set up, costs and maintenance are minimal.

It’s so valuable that it’s becoming more and more mainstream. Santa Fe, NM, is an example of a city that requires rainwater catchment for residential and commercial development.

Septic Tanks

Nobody likes to think about their septic system. Yet, it is a significant factor in both sustainable and off-grid living.

When connected to the public infrastructure, their sewer system serves you. Wastewater is transported to treatment plants, cleaned with chemicals, and “properly” disposed of. This process protects human health, but risks contamination to land, lakes and rivers, and even drinking water.

Septic tanks, like those used at Silver Mountain Ranches, eliminate this process. Not only are they off-grid, but they also remove environmental concerns from chemical treatment and dumping.

Join Our Off-Grid Living Community near Cleator, AZ in the Bradshaw Mountains

Silver-Mountain-Ranches - Bradshaw Mountains - Mayer, AZ - Off the Grid Living - Front-and-Side-ElevationsSilver Mountain Ranches offers prospective home buyers the opportunity to purchase lots ranging from five to fifteen acres. For your privacy and safety, we are a gated community.

As a property owner, you and your family gain access to our many amenities. If you’re a dog or horse owner (or planning on becoming one), you can take advantage of our stabling and boarding services. For a small additional fee, you can have your dog or horse boarded close to home at our facilities.

You can also take advantage of our absentee homeowners’ service for more security and convenience.

We welcome your questions regarding our community. Contact us to arrange a viewing of our property lots and stay posted on further developments.