Silver Mountain Ranches
An Exceptional Survivalist Environment

How Does Our Community Define Survivalism?

A survivalist knows today’s society faces many perils, both natural and humanmade. Each person comes to this mindset with different concerns. Terrorism, economics, weather, climate change, and life-threatening situations of many kinds create an urgent need to prepare for emergencies or world-changing events.

You’ve probably seen news reports when a severe weather event triggers a panic-buy on food, water, and other essentials. Store shelves are empty; gas pumps dry up; traffic jams clog the roadways; there are often stampedes, and even crime or vandalism. Survivalists have prepared for an event like this. For instance, they’ve stockpiled food, water, and supplies.

Survivalism means having a contingency plan for self-reliance – skills, shelter, supplies, and the like to protect yourself in the event of a breakdown in the urban infrastructure or some other catastrophe.

Off-grid, Sustainable Living in the Arizona High Desert

Survivalists will appreciate our option for off-grid living. Install state-of-the-art solar power with a backup propane generator and propane appliances. Sustainable living options include filtered well water and rainwater harvesting for land irrigation.

Survivalist Cellars for Storage and Safety

Silver Mountain Ranches offers property lots ranging from five to fifteen acres. Build a custom home or modify our model home plan. Options include a unique cellar/basement feature for storing water and canned/preserved food. You could also build it large enough for you and your loved ones to wait out a weather event or other emergency.

We Welcome Responsible Gun Owners

Are you a gun owner whose self-sufficient lifestyle includes hunting or personal security? Silver Mountain Ranches welcomes responsible and safety-conscious gun owners. A gun safe is another option you can build into your dream home plans. It’s a peace of mind knowing your guns are close at hand and secure at the same time.

A Community of Horse Lovers

Horse Stables and Boarding - Silver Mountain Ranches Survivalist Community - Mayer, AZPerhaps you want to raise chickens or other livestock, start a compost pile, or plant crops. You can create the nearly self-sufficient lifestyle you desire.

Horse owners can ride the community horse trails or explore beyond our boundaries in the beautiful Bradshaw Mountains. And always have animal-powered transportation.

If you are a survivalist and a horse owner or are thinking about becoming one, there is no more exceptional plot of land in Arizona than Silver Mountain Ranches. Community amenities include horse and dog boarding, as well as absentee homeowner services.

An Invitation to Join Our Community

There are many more benefits to becoming a property owner at Silver Mountain Ranches. Whether you are an active survivalist or just try to ‘be prepared’ for the unexpected in everyday life, there’s a place for you here.

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